We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls. Anais Nin

Green living and sustainability

Living so close to nature, we want to protect its treasures.

Sailing – Explore slowing down

Did you know that cruise ships are highly harmful to the environment? By sailing you protect the environment. That’s why on samadhi we occasionally prefer to change the route to keep sailing.

Local sources – Explore treasures

Sustainability starts with short distances. That’s why we buy local whenever possible. You’ll be surprised that this also offers new and exciting experiences.

Water – Explore awareness

Water is the source of life. Living on a yacht, you’ll learn to see this element in a new way, living in and with it. Our crew will be happy to share all the interesting aspects with you.

Local support – Explore sharing

Traveling means sharing. For this reason, we support local sustainable organizations. We’ll introduce a supported local project to you during every trip.

This is our manifesto.

People tell us we have an attitude.
We take that as a compliment.


  • We only have organic cotton products in the bathroom and cabins.
  • We offer sustainable organic cosmetics.
  • Wir sensibilisieren Gäste zum Thema Wasser durch unsere Bad-Serie „Stop the water while using me“ und das Kapitänsbriefing.
  • We sensitise guests to the subject of water with our “Stop the water while using me” bathroom series and the captain’s briefing.
  • We use oiled woods for the floors.
  • Our entire print production is produced sustainably by the environmental print shop “Umweltdruckerei”.


  • We cook whenever available with organic products.
  • We offer a large selection of organic drinks.
  • We cook Mediterranean with lots of fresh vegetables and fish as well as seafood – this cuisine is delicious, healthy and at the same time it is known as “climate cuisine”.
  • We work with small partners who value ecological, fair production.
  • We use fresh ingredients whenever possible and do not use ready-made convenience products.


  • We make the journey to the destination – that means even if we are 1 hour longer on the way, we prefer to sail.
  • We send our mailings CO2 neutral.
  • We use energy-saving technology.
  • We use energy-efficient light sources.

Be local and fair

  • We prefer regional suppliers and seasonal products.
  • We cultivate an open, partner-like relationship within the team, with our partners and, of course, with our guests.

An experience of a lifetime

Welcome on board! Sail to the most beautiful spots every day and be inspired by barefoot luxury aboard samadhi.

samadhi is inspiration

Visit stunning new places every day and share amazing experiences. Wake up with the rhythm of nature and spend your days surrounded by the beauty of the elements. samadhi – get inspired.